BMB is scam brokerReports are coming in accusing BMB Option of being a scam broker. We have worked with BMB Option in the past, but we have now decided in the interest of our readers and subscribers to stop trading with them immediately. Complaints flowing in from our readers via email about this broker are alarming. The grave accusations on the emails display a pattern that is only discernible among scam brokers. In most emails, BMB customers are complaining about fund retention when they want to withdraw. The broker is allegedly stealing its customers’ funds by stonewalling and recurring to draconian requirements in order to transfer the money back to the rightful owners. BMB is now officially on our scam broker list.

Benedict Morris customers in a wide range of different countries have been complaining of the same fund withdrawal difficulties. All these stories have a common thread: at some point the traders wanted to withdraw their funds and their request was denied or stonewalled. Many other BMB customers have reported misuse of their credit card by the broker.

We requested an official statement from this binary options broker to no avail. Until that response comes, it would not be prudent to give Benedict Morris the benefit of the doubt. However, we need the active support of our reader who are the ones warning us about possible scammers. Scam brokers have a way of succeeding in their dubious endeavors, especially if their customers do not complain. We are always open to communication from our readers, and we encourage them to stay engaged so we can uncover scamming schemes and brokers.

We also have a list of recommended brokers on our site through which our readers can pick an alternative to BMB. In the time being, and until BMB proves the contrary, please relate to this broker as you would relate to a known scammer: do not invest money with them.

We will keep you fully updated on the Benedeict Morris saga in the meantime. For a list of thrust worthy binary options brokers please click the button below.

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