Closed Down Brokers

Unfortunately the following Binary Options Brokers have officially closed. Our team has put this page together to track brokers that are no lingering providing their services. These brokers will no longer be around and will probably not return. Some of these brokers may be scams as well. Visit our scams page to stay updated and alert.

Here is our most recent list of brokers that we have identified to be officially closed to this date:

60Option has closed down60Options

OptionRange has closed downoptionrange

CitiTrader has closed downcititrader

These brokers are gone for good. That is why before you open an account with any broker, you must keep in mind that not all brokers were created equal. Brokers that have broadened their client bases expediently, offer excellent customer service and use well designed platforms, are the ones who will probably survive. Some of these brokers have a better documented tradition, which means that they are safe and will probably stay in the market. Any user should know that no one can guarantee a given broker will outlive its competition in this industry. It is important to understand that binary option brokers are just like any other company. This means that even the most well established among them are constantly competing to offer clients better services and are under constant threat from their competitors. So much so that even the market leaders may be surprised, although it is more unlikely. As an investor you should look at all available options closely before you open an account. Remember to make sure that the broker is not a scam. Always look for online reviews and get to know the brokers before you open an account with any of them. Follow our team’s updates and reviews for the latest information on binary option brokers. Our team is constantly reviewing brokers, and will continue to update their profiles as well as this list of brokers that are officially closed. For the latest reviews on binary option brokers, subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.

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