replicator logoCTOption is one of the leading brokers for social trading platforms. Their cleverly designed Binary Replicator has certainly boosted the broker’s foothold on this segment of the industry. With social interactions peaking online, it was only logical to enable users to use social trading sites. This allows users to complement their technical analysis with minute by minute market trends, and CTOption has capitalized on this to expand its features and client base. Ultimately, the target is to attract the smartest investors in order to enhance the performance of the trading community, which will in turn make their social trading platform more valuable to investors. It seems that so far CTOption has succeeded in doing so. These are the reasons why:

  • Automated social trading platform
  • Investors can adjust the investment amounts
  • Automation provides for a healthy risk management strategy through diversification

CTOption’s social trading platform allows traders to invest their money smartly while reducing the amount of time they need to invest in order to achieve success. The system does not allow any cherry picking on one hand, but on the other it picks the best traders out of a growing pool and mimics their trades. As long as the trader pool keeps on growing – and CTOption is growing faster than the average broker in the industry – more competent traders will join and make better trades, which the system will pick for traders to replicate.


With this in mind, and understanding that relinquishing control over a trade is in itself a highly risky move, CTOption allows traders to adjust the amount they want to invest through their social trading platform. This serves to reassure investors and also allows them to conduct experiments with small amounts to see if the system suits their needs. A majority of traders so far have given this social trading platform positive reviews. Also the average amount per trade is on the rise, which means that most traders have enough evidence to show that their returns on this platform outperform their returns elsewhere.

Since more traders have been joining the platform and the amounts of money invested through it have been climbing constantly, there is also a wider choice of winning investments on an increasing variety of assets. This means that the social trading platform has managed to reduce some risk through the diversification of investment. This also means that traders have an advantage when trading through this platform because their money could be invested in assets that they are not as familiar with, and thus less likely to pick by themselves.

Reduced risk means CTOption will be able to attract more investors, which will feed their investor pool. This will strengthen the system even more. This is why an early mover with a clever social trading platform such as CTOption, has a considerable advantage over competitors. Given these facts, we strongly recommend you try CTOption’s social trading platform out. Open an account to get started.

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