Leverate BX8 Platform Review

BX8 LogoAfter reaching a substantial level of dominance as a trading platform in the forex trading world, Leverate has officially launched its new binary options trading platform. The new Leverate BX8 binary options trading platform is now available at several new and exciting binary options brokers and is offering exciting features through an innovative trading system.

Traders who are new to binary options trading or have not yet experienced trading with a Leverate system should be confident that they are in good hands when using this new system. The company has certainly proven itself in the forex world and is one of the most trusted and known brands in that industry. It was a natural progression for Leverate to move into the binary options trading space, and with the unveiling of several new brokers, the trading platform is now available to the public.

trading screen

Leverate’s Easy to Use Trading Platform

It is really remarkable what Leverate has done with its new binary trading platform. Since the company is the newest player to the game, it has taken the time to do its due diligence and offer a visually striking and feature-filled platform to its users. It looks great, and is also very simple to use. When entering the trading platform, the trader is presented with everything all in one screen. The assets are listed with their rates, the various trading options are displayed – such as 60 seconds trading and one-click trading which we will discuss below – as well as timers, and charts to help the trader make the best decisions they can.

The features are all right in front of you, but the platform looks great as well. The use of color and graphics were certainly well thought out by Leverate as such a striking platform is a great way to bring in traders and have them enjoy their trading experience.


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Trading Features

Call vs. Put trading is the standard and most well-known form of binary options trading that is offered by the new Leverate BX8 trading platform. The trader can trade using this feature by first choosing an asset and an amount to trade and then has to decide whether the asset will increase or decrease in price during the allotted amount of time. Many binary options traders will begin with this trading feature as it is the simplest and the best method for getting acquainted with the system.

Next is a trader favorite known as 60 Second Trading. This method is similar to the previous Call vs. Put method, but has the very short trading time of only one minute. Many traders like to use 60 Second Trading as a means for making quick and calculated trades that take place within one minute from start to finish.

60 second trading

The newest and most exciting trading feature from Leverate BX8 is the new OneClick Trading option. Using this function, traders can now complete binary options trades with a simple click of their mouse. Many experienced traders will find this new option fun to use as they already have experience in the field and are aware of the market and asset numbers. They click once and the trade is completed. It can also be interesting for new traders as they are learning the ins and outs of binary options trading and will be able to get some good practice in with quick trades.

one click trading

The new Leverate trading platform is available on several new brokers with exciting niche features to offer trades. The platform is also available in demo mode where players receive a free demo account at such brokers as Trade Thunder and are able to practice trading on the Leverate BX8 platform before depositing any real money.

With all that Leverate has learned from the forex space, it’s easy to see how they were able to create a great new trading platform for the binary options world. The Leverate BX8 platform looks great, it’s easy to use and offers new features from new brokers that are sure to impress.

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