Panda Platform Review

Panda’s sleek investment software

One of the great advantages of our work, is that we get to test almost every new investment interface out there. However not many of them manage to balance the simplicity of display with the complexity of the financial information that the investor needs in order to make a timely decision. Panda seems to have struck the perfect balance with their RIA Panda Web Trader.
The software is based on the Adobe Flash Player, which basically runs on 98% of all internet enabled computers. This allows investors to trade from any place in the world through virtually any computer that has an internet connection without installing additional plugins or apps. However, what the investor will notice right away aside from the speed and ease of access, is how clear and clean the interface is.

We have taken the liberty to share with you a few screen shots from our test:Panda platform tradingThe image above shows how clear the information is presented to the investor. The clear background has a positive impact on the investor’s concentration, and the nuanced ticker at the top of the page helps the investor keep an eye on the markets constantly without taking its focus away from the trade. The interface is also so user friendly, that new investors who have never tried using this platform before, will become instantly familiarized with all its features.

trading screen Panda

Investors can also open multiple trade windows as shown above, and manage the information within them with ease.

trading screen Panda

Open trades are also easy to follow. Once an investor has made
a trade, the window above will automatically pop up, allowing the investor to move between the open trades with a wide range of useful information available.

Such a user friendly interface can only be the result of years of experience in the industry. Panda was established in 2007, and from the beginning it has invested in research and development to improve both the functionality of the software and user experience. There is no doubt that the versatility of the software will make it a clear go to option for a wide variety of brokers regardless of the asset classes they specialize in.

Panda’s software has the necessary features to provide exceptional user experience for investors, which guarantees its position as a rising star in the industry. From the perspective of the investor, it is hard to imagine a clearer, quicker and more user friendly platform. Panda is an obvious pick for brokers looking to satisfy the needs of investors who are less familiarized with a wide range of online platforms, and are looking to give their customers a clear edge on their trades.


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