boris and 24optionCountless articles have been written about the marketing value of sports players and their endorsements. Even after retirement, many players hailing from different sports have continued to profit from their past glory. The question then becomes one of fine tuning, to optimize the effect of the campaign by matching the right sports personality with the budget and the popularity of the sport with the client base. These are some of the considerations that the marketing team at 24 Option took into account before they decided on a strategic partnership with tennis legend Boris Becker. The jury – or for that matter, the umpire – is still out on whether binary options investors have some kind of affinity to tennis. But here are the reasons why the 24 Option-Becker tandem might be able to bring home a grand slam.

A Record Holder that is Still a Household Name

Some of us are way too young to remember the summer of 1985 in which Boris Becker took the sports world by storm, dashing towards a Wimbledon championship at the age of 17. He still holds the world record as the youngest player ever to win a Wimbledon title. A significant proportion of tennis fans who were born in time to witness that fantastic feat, still remember. Becker was just getting started back then. His career as a professional tennis player ended in 1999, with a long list of successes on the court. Stepping off the court, Becker developed a career as a businessman, poker player and sports commentator for the BBC. This increased his exposure in Europe and kept his brand name relevant.

Once he came full circle and became Novak Djokovic’s tennis coach, 24 Option was savvy enough to seek a partnership with him. This partnership brings several advantages to the table. Becker’s trajectory, especially in Europe, certainly guarantees that 24 Option will have a well-known name to promote its services within its most important market. However, it is the striking similarities between Becker as a tennis player and the investor on the platform on one hand, and Becker as a coach and 24 Option’s quality education and investor guidance features on the other that draw the most interesting parallels for customers.


Stepping onto the Court to Win

Players play to win as much as investors invest to profit. When an investor logs onto a 24 Option account he or she is by him or herself as much the young Becker was by himself on that neat grass court at Wimbledon in 1985. As young and relatively inexperienced as he might have been back then, he played masterfully and secured a world record. Binary options investors, as new to the industry and relatively inexperienced as they might be, they do share that drive with Becker. More importantly, by signing up with 24 Option, they have the backing of a great coach, willing to strengthen their basic techniques to enhance their chance to win. In other words, 24 Option’s education center is to the investor what Becker is to Djokovic.

Game, Set, Match!

Boris Becker is a great partner for 24 Option, not only because of his brand name but also because of the compatibility between his career on and off the court and the personality of binary options investors. Not every sports personality would fit 24 Option’s marketing goals, but they got an all time winner, tennis hall of famer and ultimate team player to work with them on European and world courts. 24 Option has clearly set a trend in the binary options industry that will grow. In the future competition for the ultimate client base championship, we are bound to see countless other doubles tandems trying to serve an ace. 24 Option has set itself as the ultimate player on the tour to beat.

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