TechFinancials Review

TechFinancials is an information technology company that specializes in producing financial trading interfaces. In particular, this firm created the binary option trading platform that supports at least ten prominent binary options brokerages, including 24Option and OptionFair.


The TechFinancials platform presents one of the most professional and user-friendly interfaces available on the market today. The screens are easy-to-understand allowing even novices to navigate the platform in no time at all. For example, a wide selection of assets is listed down the left-hand side of the homepage complete with applicable expiry times and current opening prices.

Another visually impressive feature is that all the operating buttons boost pictures, instead of just words, which automatically change depending on the type of trading contract selected. The TechFinancials platform also supports an excellent on-line binary options guide which explains very clearly the exact function of each button in every context that it is used. Traders, especially novices, are encouraged to study this facility closely at the very outset in order to familiarize themselves with the full operational capability of this platform.

Once this objective is achieved, users will then be able to navigate between all the different trading methods and options with great ease. Although the interface is relatively straightforward and basic to some degree, traders will discover that it is quite an easy task to trade binary options with TechFinancials. For instance, each trading method displays a window on the right-hand of the screen which clearly instructs in simple steps how it should be completely executed.

The impressive features of the TechFinancials platform are clearly evident on its home page as displayed on the following chart:

TechFinancials Trade Screen

From the homepage, traders can readily choose their preferred trading type. In addition, an extensive list of assets is presented grouped into the main categories of stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. When selected, each asset will display a drop-down menu presenting available expiry times. Once an investor enters this data, a new window will appear as shown below. In order to finalize and activate the new binary option, traders must then simply enter their investment amounts.

TechFinancials Trade Window

One of the most notable advantages that the TechFinancials binary options platform possesses compared to its rivals is that it provides its users will a larger variety of trading methods. Originally, six trading options were available including High/Low; Above/Below; One Touch; High Yield One Touch; Boundary and High Yield Boundary. Recently, this list was extended to include a 60 Second facility.

High/Low:  allows investors to forecast whether the price of a selected asset will finish higher or lower than a selected price at expiry time.

Above/Below:  enables traders to predict if an asset will be above or below its open or strike price at expiration.

One Touch: payouts if the price of an asset touches a predefined level at least once before expiry.

Boundary: registers an in-the-money result if the price of an asset resides within pre-determined minimum and maximum boundaries at expiry.

The high yield versions of the ‘One Touch’ and the ‘Boundary’ enable traders to seek larger payouts by selecting market conditions that their chosen assets will have more difficult achieving, i.e. the higher the risk; the greater the reward. Finally, the 60 second feature provides users with the ability to experience ultra-fast trading since these options expire in just one minute.

In summary, although the TechFinancials platform possesses a few minor deficiencies, it does, without question, exhibit the power and variety that should impress those traders seeking more than just the basic trading options. This is because seven powerful trading techniques are supported backed by a wide selection of underlying assets.



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