Tradologic Platform Review

Since the creation of its binary options trading platform, Tradologic has earned a reputation as a leading provider of such tools in a highly competitive marketplace. Tradologic has strove hard during this period to refine and enhance its platform with the direct intent of supplying investors with a user-friendly and easy-to-operate environment that is second to none.

Traders can always be assured that the Tradologic platform will provide highly dependable market data on a consistent basis as it is powered by price and news feeds supplied by Reuters. Over 18 prominent binary options brokers, including OptionBit and ZoomTrader, have been so impressed with the Tradologic platform that they have based their primary business models upon it.

Arguably, the most prominent feature of the Tradologic platform is the simplicity of its design which allows traders to place orders at great speed with complete confidence. As such, novices and those investors, who favor day-trading or fundamental news-based strategies, will find these attributes of particular interest. In addition, they can choose from a wide range of underlying assets based in standard categories of currencies, indices, stocks and commodities.

Unti recently ontract types had been restricted to just three basic types which were Digital, Touch, and Range. As of October 2012 Tradologic introduced 60 second binary options on the XPMarkets Binary Options Broker Platform.

Digital: This strategy supports the standard basic option. As the chart below demonstrates, if investors evaluate that the price of their assets will finish above their opening or strike value at expiration, then they can open a CALL option by clicking the CALL button.

Alternatively, if they assess that that price at expiry time will be lower than that at opening, then they should consider activating a PUT option by clicking the PUT button.

Tradologic Digital Options

Touch: This powerful strategy is supplied by many other trading platforms. The investor determines a target level that the price of the chosen asset must hit at least once within a pre-defined period of time in order to finish in-the-money. Touch contracts generate much larger pay-outs than normal binary options.

Tradologic Touch Options

Range: Traders can utilize this strategy to forecast whether the price of selected assets will finish within or outside a predetermined trading range at expiration.

Tradologic Range Options

60 Second Binary Options: Standard Call/Put Binary Options that expire in a 1 minute timeframe.

Tradologic 60 Second Options

The Tradologic trading platform also provides Take Profit and Rollover features.

Take Profit: This valuable feature produces an alert once an open trade attains an in-the-money status. Investors can then elect to terminate their binary options early at profit or wait until expiration.

Roll Forward:  This feature advises investors if their options are out-of-the-money before expiration. They can then decide to roll-forward their expiry times if, for example, they evaluate that price will retract back into their originally selected direction.

In summary, Tradologic has created a well-designed trading platform that is considered to be one of the easiest to use and operate on the market today. For example, the platform supports a sophisticated ‘Live Chat’ facility that users can quickly access by clicking on a well-positioned button. In addition, great effort has been exerted to ensure that the language utilized on the platform is void of market jargon enabling important concepts to be understood as speedily as possible.

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